Major Contest #18: Stack The Deck

Pick a card, any card!

Watch your free time disappear with's 18th Major Contest, Stack the Deck!

How to participate:

  • Choose any 4 cards (requirements) from the Gameplay Deck
  • Choose any 2 cards from the Detailing Deck
  • Combine your crazy collectable cards with your magical map-making abilities to make the best TF2 map you can!

Amaze your friends!  Astound random strangers!  Disappoint Merasmus with subpar slight-of-hand! And don't forget, every great act needs a magic word! Yours for this contest is: "Asymmetrical," as in, "Your map must be Asymmetrical." How magical-yet-oddly specific!

So what are you waiting for? Grab your lovely assistants (up to three collaborators) to join you on stage (in Hammer), and put on a once-in-a-lifetime show (map) to wow the audience (judges + public voting)!

You can find the Contest thread: