April Fools Event 2024​!


TF2maps.net will host its annual April Fools Gameday event in an effort to promote creativity, silliness, and tomfoolery. Submissions are now open for both new and returning maps. 

This year's event will take place on April 1st, 2024, starting at 11:00am EDT (15:00 UTC), on both the US and EU servers. Senior Staff member 14bit will be hosting the EU test, and Server Mod MC_Labs15 will be hosting the US test. 

"I'm very excited to be running this event again, it's amazing to see what the community comes up with every year" said 14bit.

Maps for the event are to be generously provided by mappers of all ages and skill levels, varying from first time hobbyists to professional level designers. Maps from previous events will also be eligible for submission, though new maps will be prioritized.

"This yearly event is vital to the TF2 community, helping to ensure silly maps continue to get made," an anonymous source told TF2maps.net. 

If you would like to submit a map for the event, please contact 14bit through a site DM or on Discord. Maps must follow all regular testing guidelines, and will be screened before the event. The deadline for submitting maps is 12 hours before the event, on March 31st, 2024 at 11:00pm EDT (April 1st, 3:00 UTC). 

"Maps that contain flashing lights or other extreme visual effects must have a warning attached to them when submitting, and I reserve the right to reject maps for any reason," 14bit said. "Each person may submit one map they created, or nominate one map they did not. New maps submitted by their authors with be prioritized, followed by nominations of previous maps." 

"Amusement is mandatory," MCL said. "I would like to make that very clear."